Electric Guitar Tabs Explained

Tablature as a means of writing music has been with us for hundreds of years, but tabulation is considered by many people today as a third-class method of musical communication. In fact, tablature is not a stupid version of conventional music notation, but what we call sheet music arose out of the need for more versatility in notation as music became more complex in medieval times. Electric guitar tablatures have been a great help to the many people who have started playing the electric guitar and who wanted to get to work as quickly as possible.

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Conventional music notation has a lot more to communicate than tabs, but if you already know more or less what the song sounds like and are ready to work on your performance, then there is nothing wrong with using tablature.

Guitarists who compose music with cards and share the results of their work on the Internet have made a wide range of music available to amateur musicians who have never learned to read music. For some guitarists, learning to read music is a waste of time that would be better spent expressing their feelings through music. This attitude contrasts with the idea that the more theoretical knowledge you have, the greater the pool of resources at your disposal to express your ideas.

The tablature, on the other hand, allows the guitarist to know the basic piece of music in his own way and to use his musical intuition and talent for improvisation to produce a musical work that will be both his own work and that of the original composer. . For this reason, electric guitar tabs are a boon for the electric guitarist who doesn’t just want to produce a copy of someone else’s work.

You can find electric guitar tabs in music stores alongside conventional written music, but the fastest and best place to find electric guitar tabs is on the Internet. While a legal dogfight is taking place by card publishers infringing on the original composer’s rights, many cards are still available for free. However, it is necessary to exercise discernment when using tabs produced by amateur guitarists. You may need to change things up a bit if they don’t sound right.

As for the electric guitarist who wants to expand his musical knowledge, tablature also allows the guitarist to learn new chords, scales or modes very quickly.

Finally, a reminder that using electric guitar tablature to learn new material is not a walk in the park; you must provide some of the information that would otherwise be written on the score. He should have an idea of ​​note values ​​and a basic understanding of time signatures and tempo. It all comes down to you can hear the music in your head and you just want to know where to put your fingers on the keyboard. This is what guitar tabs were originally created for.

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